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Blue Marble Advertising Pvt Ltd, and the entrepreneural dream is a beautiful gift shared between family, friends and clients. Since 1995, along with my husband who journeys with me from my college days, we have been exploring the Animation Arena which gave us immense portfolio's and a successful identity. In Aug 2010, we launched BMA, with Senator Associates as our first big client in Advertising and Branding. We've never looked back since then. It has been a beautiful vent to our creative energy, where we built a wonderful and strong database of many happy and satisfied clientele.
As an individual every project is truly a blessing which showcased our ability to convene concept, content and design seamlessly together for Development of many BRANDING, which is our Core Strength!
We feel fortunate to have worked with more than 200 clients, over the last 4 years. We have developed friendships and comfortable working partners, and this is our moment of gratitude to all those who touched our life, in every possible way.
We work with a team of experienced talent who is most comfortable and experienced in their respective fields. Be it Gaming, Animation and Advertising, we have worked with a lot of interesting, intelligent people for prestigious clients and produced contemporary collections in highest standard. We aim to provide only the best, to connect you to your target market.

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CONTENT : Raw Content is dirty business. Facts fall fast, piling into mountains of meaning and/or distraction. But! We'll take as much as we can get from formal research, industry trends, the opinion of those interested. The more information the better.
KNOWLEDGE : Knowledge is data collected, considered, and culled. Connections are made between a brand and the world around it. Audience insights, brand strengths and weaknesses, competitive opportunities, and a sense of direction ensue. Knowledge is data, weaponized.
WISDOM : Knowledge knows what. Wisdom knows why. Good brands know what they stand for. Great brands know why.
EXPAND : The truth, alone, will not set you free. For a brand to thrive, its truth needs to be expanded from rallying point to platform – one in which the brand's beliefs, personality, and purpose are clearly documented and fully endorsed by all involved.
EXPRESS : The expression of an idea is as important as the idea itself. When in doubt, there's this: Always tell the truth and do so with style. Whisper what you can. Shout what you must. Mumble nothing.
TRANSMIT: The medium is not the message: the message is the message. The difference between the two? You own the message : outright. The medium, on the other hand, is just a delivery vehicle, and a rental at that. When it comes to media, we don't play favorites. Traditional, digital, or social, we go with what's right. Nail the message, nail the media, and needles move.


With a focus to diversify our creative interests in fields of animation, art and advertising and with a degree in Visual Communication, Loyola, we have completed 19 + of working on various interesting and innovative projects.
We were one of the first ones to work on Flash animated series in Pentamedia, in the year 1999 - 2000, for the Singapore Television “Mediacorp”. From then on we progressed from working as team and as individuals executing animated series & corporate branding projects and gaming. We have teamed up with interesting personalities so far, who we remember with much thankfulness, especially Mr. Chandrasekaran, Ms. Sumathi Sridharan and Mr. G. V. Babu, who were our early mentors. Our career began with them!
We hold the common thread in all our work which is firm commitment to transformative engagements that get powerful business results for our clients both local and international. We are one of the first ones to produce an animation IP in the Indian Market. Our work starts conversations, and drives demand, establishing long-term relationships with people. We never lose sight of delivering tangible results that impact brand health, shareholder value, and improved sales for our clients. Our starting point with every client brief is rigorous strategy—a custom mix of analytics, clairvoyance, anthropology, and real-world insights. It guides our creative thinking and powers every execution.

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